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1                District Secretaries

1.1                   The District Secretaries of the Company shall represent the Districts to which they are appointed, oversee competitions and the conduct of the Sport in their Districts.

1.2                   There shall be two District Secretaries for each District being one male and one female who shall represent the relevant Members in their District.  Such District Secretaries shall be nominated and elected by the Member Clubs in each respective District.

1.3                   Each District Secretary shall be an active Member (as determined by the Board) of a Member Club within one of the Districts that they represent.  Should such an individual cease to be an active Member (as determined by the Board) during the term of office or if any of the provisions of Articles 5.1.1 to 5.1.6 shall apply in relation to a District Secretary he/she shall forthwith cease to be a District Secretary.  The Board shall in that event make arrangements for a vote of the Member Clubs in such District or Districts to appoint a further District Secretary. In such circumstances the incoming District Secretary shall hold office until the expiry of the term of the Member who has ceased to be a District Secretary (as set out in Article 8.4 below).

1.4                   Each District Secretary shall hold office for a period of six years whereupon they may be re-elected by the Member Clubs in that District or Districts for further periods of six years.

1.5                   For the avoidance of doubt, any person appointed as a District Secretary is also eligible to be appointed to sit on the Board.

1.6                   The District Secretaries shall meet at regular intervals as determined by the Board but shall not meet less than four times in any calendar year.

1.7                   The District Secretaries shall elect from their number a chairman, who shall, in the event of an equality of votes at a meeting of the District Secretaries, have a casting vote.