Andrew Hamilton Trophy

  1. The 1st Stage of the Competition will be played on the League principle, each side with 6 teams of 4
  2. Games will be 21 ends. The highest total score over the 6 rinks will decide the winner. 2 points will be awarded to the winning side and in a drawn match 1 point to each Side
  3. The qualifiers from each section will be the 2 Association teams which have gained the highest number of points and aggregate shots.
  4. 4.1 Should 2 or more Associations finish with equal points and equal in aggregate shots up, the winner will be the Association that won the league game between the 2 or the best aggregate score in the games played between the equal Associations. In the event of a further tie, the winner will be decided on the number of winning fours. 
    4.2 In the event of a tie in the aggregate score in the knock out stage then all six fours will play an extra end or ends on the same rinks, with the aggregate score of the extra end deciding the winner. Should there still be a tie then a further extra end(s) will be played to decide the winner.
  5. 5.1 If due to weather conditions, the start of a game is delayed then a review will take place after 1 hour by the Umpire(s) and Bowls Scotland official if present with the option to;
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