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Keynote Address: Club Committees: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?- Kevin Fish

Workshop 1 -Step by Step- to Great Club Governance (Follow-Up on Keynote Address): Kevin Fish (Scottish Golf)

Kevin is a Certified Club Manager trained through the Club Managers Association of Europe and in 2014 he became the first non-American to be selected to serve on the Professional Development Board for the Club Managers Association of America. Kevin is an expert in Club Governance and has addressed the CMAA World Conference of Club Management on eight occasions.

He is currently employed as the Club Services Manager for Scottish Golf and has been key to the modernisation of Scottish golf clubs.

The keynote speech and workshop delivered by Kevin will focus on the following areas:

  • What is governance? What is good governance?
  • Purpose and vision
  • Importance of forward planning
  • Legal Status – what it is and what it means to your club?
  • Governing documents – what and why?
  • Effective club committees
    • How do they determine if they are effective?
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Sub committees
    • Skilled volunteers
    • Good practice

Workshop 2- More Than A Bowls Club: Svend Elkjaer (Sports Marketing Network)

How your club can become #MoreThanABowlsClub

Successful sports clubs play a bigger role in people's lives and in the communities they serve. They are more #ThanJustASportsClub.  They see people as more than players, they see them in a holistic light. They see their clubs as a place for more than just playing bowls.

They see the community as a partner. 
They link up with schools, youth clubs, housing associations and the health sector and work with those bodies and attract players and funding while doing good in their community.

They attract and retain skilled and passionate volunteers from across the community.
People with strong social networks and with specific skills are happy to become involved as volunteers on a 'bite-sized' basis because they want to be part of something good, without having to commit themselves to attend hour-long committee meetings.

Great bowls clubs work for and with their communities, and as a consequence, both parties benefit. They are in reality Hubs for their Communities. They link up their assets, skills, and relationships with people, groups, and institutions in their communities. They create Shared Value - a new kind of partnership, in which both the club and the community contribute directly to the strengthening and development of each other.

Creating #MoreThanABowlsClub is not rocket- science, but it does require a change in mind-set, which is not always the easiest.

A workshop which will provide you with literally dozens and dozens of proven ways your club can become vibrant, visible and viable and an enterprising hub for your community.

No boring theory…just exciting, positive and proven action points drawn from best practice from bowls and other sports clubs at all levels

This workshop will help you to become well connected to your community and find a common purpose between your partners and yourself. You will be given advice on the best ways to work together, benefitting both parties and on how to make it easier to understand each other and benefit from doing so. It will also cover how you can best assess your potential for working with community partners - what are your assets, relationships, and skills?

At the end of the workshop participants will be introduced to the 12 Steps for creating #MoreThanABowlsClub, which you then can implement straight away.

Workshop 3-Been there, done that: The 3 R’s of Club Development: Bowls Scotland RDO's & Guests

Whilst advice form governing bodies and local authorities can greatly assist clubs, it’s always great to hear from clubs that have ‘been there and done that’ with regards to developing their club.

This workshop will explore the 3 R’s of club development – Recruitment, Retention and the Right Message

3 clubs from across Scotland will provide practical examples of how they have developed their club using the three R’s approach.

There will be plenty of opportunity for group discussion and questions to help participants get the most out of the session. Bowls Scotland development staff will also be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

To book your place at the National Club and Coach Conference click here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bowls-scotland-club-coach-conference-2017-growing-developing-your-club-tickets-30453488203