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In 2015 Bowls Scotland introduced a new National Player Ranking System and after the initial pilot scheme we are inviting applications for the 2016 season. The National Player Ranking System will run the length of the outdoor season and the points system will reach across a spectrum of events giving more weight to higher finishing performances at major tournaments staged across Scotland.

The philosophy of the ranking system is to provide equal and just opportunity for bowlers across the country to earn ranking points with the highest ranked player, both male and female, to be crowned Scotland’s number one player for the year.

Tier Structure

Tier 1               Bowls Scotland Scottish Super Series

Tier 2               Bowls Scotland National Championships

Tier 3               Approved Club/Organisations Ranking Events

We are inviting clubs/organisations to put forward your open competitions to be part of the Tier 3 Bowls Scotland Ranking Competitions for 2016. To be an approved as a Tier 3 Ranked Competition the event must meet the following criteria:

  • Your event must be open to any bowler of an affiliated club (no invitation only events will be approved)
  • A minimum of 2 days competition duration (prelim/qualification days count towards this)

The benefits of becoming a Tier 3 Ranked Competition:

  • There is no cost on top of your existing license fee
  • FREE promotion of your event on the Bowls Scotland Website and Social Media Channels
  • The potential to gain Bowls Scotland Ranking Points
  • The potential to attract more entries
  • Be part of a national network of ranking competitions

How to apply to become a Tier 3 Ranked Competition:

  • Clubs/Organisations should submit an application form to Bowls Scotland to have their event considered for approval in the National Player Ranking System. Application forms can be downloaded from the Bowls Scotland website or by contacting the Bowls Scotland office.
  • A Bowls Scotland representative will acknowledge your application and let you know if your event has been approved as a Tier 3 Event.
  • If approved; Clubs/Organisations will be required to submit results from their event no later than 48 hours after the completion of the event to Bowls Scotland. Results lodged later than 48 hours will not have their event included in the rankings system.

**Please click here to download the Tier 3 Ranked Competition Application**



  • The Player Ranking points table will be updated throughout the season and uploaded on the Bowls Scotland website: www.bowlsscotland.com.
  • Any queries should be emailed to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Bowls Scotland reserve the right, at our discretion, to amend the terms at any time


Scottish Ranking Competitions FAQ’s

Q. What is an ‘open’ event?

A. An open event for rankings purposes is an event which is not invitational – an event can be gender specific or mixed

Q. Who can apply for an event to be included in Tier 3?

A. Any club/Organisation can apply for their event to be part of the Tier 3 provided they match the criteria set for open entry and duration. An application form should be submitted to Bowls Scotland prior to the event taking place.

Q. Is the club/organisation required to administer results into the ranking system or is this done by Bowls Scotland?

A. Clubs/Organisations will be required to lodge the results on the form provided by Bowls Scotland and return to Bowls Scotland no more than 48 hours after the event.

Q. Do team disciplines receive points?

A. Each member of a discipline receives points for a relative tier, i.e. if tier points are 30 points for Fours, then all rink members get 30 points.

Q Do points earned in a team award count towards the ‘Player of the Year’?

A. Disciplines are irrelevant in the new player ranking system. There will be only one men’s and one women’s ranking system with all points, be they achieved in singles, pairs, triples or fours combined and calculated into the one system

Q. Does entering an event automatically enter me in to the ranking system?

A. As soon as you earn points you will be entered in to the ranking system