In line with the agreed rotation for British Isles selectors, we are seeking to recruit three selectors who are responsible for the selection process for the BIBC International teams and three selectors for the BIWBC International teams.

Selectors will be appointed for a period of three years, commencing 1st March 2017. There is no remuneration for the position but approved travelling expenses will be reimbursed.

The core of the selector’s role is to make decisions about which players will be selected for trials and then to go on and represent the teams for BIBC and BIWBC competitions.

Selectors need to be available to communicate with players, answer questions and actively drive communication with the overall selection process.

It is essential that selectors have extensive experience in the sport of lawn bowls and are a member of a Bowls Scotland affiliated club.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend nominated selection events, trials and team days
  • Attend selectors meetings as and when required
  • Attend BIBC / BIWBC International matches if required
  • Attend training opportunities provided by Bowls Scotland
  • Be able to analyse player application forms to be considered for trials
  • Co-ordinate bench marking information in order to assist selection
  • Select players to play in BIBC and BIWBC International teams from the trial events whilst liaising with Team Managers
  • Provide written evidence on each player’s selection / non selection
  • Be aware of the Bowls Scotland appeals procedure
  • Work with the other selectors to ensure all positions are covered in conjunction with the ethos of the selection for specific positions
  • Declare and advise of any potential conflict of interest situations
  • Be fair, just, open and clear on decision making
  • Adhere to all confidentiality and data protection protocols regarding sharing player information including comments via various media platforms
  • Understand the Player Agreement
  • Observe the Bowls Scotland Equality Policy and Social Media Policy
  • If policies are not adhered to then you will subject to Bowls Scotland disciplinary procedures
  • club.

Closing date for applications is 12 noon on Friday 10th February 2017
You will be advised whether your application has been shortlisted for interview by 20th February 2017.
Interviews – Date and Location TBC

Download an application form below:

Application Form